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Black Friday Sales 17

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Well, it’s on! Finally  Black Friday is here again. Like every year it is the most important shopping day and weekend because the best sales remain until Monday – called Cyber Monday. In this period nearly every retailer offers you sale codes! You can save so much money that I always try to get all my christmas presents just in that time. Because who wants to throw money away? Nobody! So if you’re looking for some presents or maybe you want to buy anything for yourself I can highly recommend you to do this now! There are some online shops which offer you up to 50(!!)% !

Boyfriend Jeans, Leather Jacket and Pearls

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Black Teddy Coat, Turtleneck Jumper, Leather Pants and Biker Boots

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White Turtleneck, Culotte and Teddy Coat

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Beauty-Check: Eau Thermale Avène

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Was mir bei trockener Haut geholfen hat

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen Sonntag. Das Ende der Woche wird von mir persönlich immer als Beauty Tag deklariert. Da meine Haut eher trocken ist, braucht sie natürlich eine intensive Pflege. Ich durfte für Euch ein paar Produkte von Avène aus deren Eau Thermale Avène Produktreihe testen. Welche Produkte genau und ob sie meiner trockenen pflegeintensiven Haut geholfen haben, will ich Euch heute ausführlich berichten.

Chloé Susanna Velvet Boots

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Trend Report: Studded Boots and Velvet

I couldn’t be happier when finally the Susanna Boots by Chloé arrived today! I was craving for them for such a long time and the best is that they are made out of VELVET! So these babes combine two trends in one: They are great fitting studded boots and the velvet texture makes them a perfect fall piece.