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Wrap It Up With A Belt

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Statement-Piece: The Belt! An easy way to pimp up an outfit is to style it with a belt. A long shirt, a dress, a blazer or simply every jacket that’s a little bit longer: Everything looks more exciting with a belt. I love oversized styles and I always choose about two sizes up when I buy shirts, a pullover or even jackets. But sometimes it looks much better when you form a silhouette. It’s a easy way to make your outfit look more feminine and even more exciting.

Does the prize matter?

I do look for a new and special belt in black and in brown. I’m totally in love with this ONE by Gucci. Unfortunately they are always very expensive with 300€ up to 900€ (Not kidding!)  But I honestly have to say that it’s an investment when you spend some more money on a belt because it is one piece you use to have in your closet for a life-time. And it won’t loose its‘ value because some belts for example are limited editions and you can sell them for half the double prize you’ve actually owned it, nowadays. And besides that the quality speaks for itself. You can see the difference between a 10€ or a 100€ belt. I can recommend you to save some money and achieve one with more quality when you’ve saved enough money then spending on 20 cheap ones. (Not saying that every expensive thing is better, of course you have to check the quality first every single time) But those are my personal experiences when it comes to belts.

Here are some of my favourites (high-prizing)

But I do also own belts by Mango for about 30€ and I’ve seen some great other ones, too. So if you don’t want to spend like 200€ on a belt I looked for some  alternatives.

Here are my favourites for about +/- 20€

I styled my BELT by Topshop (Similar HERE) with a white crepe BLAZER by Zara (Similar HERE)


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