Summer Cravings

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The Basic Tee

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When you ask me what shouldn‘t be missing in your closet my answer is: BASIC SHIRTS. You might have heard the saying ‚With good basics you‘ll have endless options.‘? – It’s true! If you find a tee which suits you well, buy it in every color! This is the best advice I could probably give you. Normally I buy my basic shirts at Zara or H&M.  The quality surely isn‘t the best and you need to rebuy them very often but I can totally understand if someone isn‘t willing to pay 60 or 70 bucks for a shirt. Mentioning that a price tag does not always guarantee quality.  To me it‘s a matter of balance between normal shirts and some high-quality and high-priced ones. The shirt I‘m wearing for example is by Zoe Karssen and I bought it 5 years ago. It still has the perfect fit even though I‘ve washed it nearly a thousand times. Some of my favorite brands are: Closed, SET, Anine Bing, Zoe Karssen, Ganni, Gestuz, Oui, Juvia….to name a few. Here are some basic shirts I really like: