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Acrylic Pouring

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Hello everybody, finally I’m back with some exciting projects coming ahead. The corona crisis slowed everything down but the good news is that I had more time to finally realize some new creative projects.  I’m proud to show you the results of my art work. It was a first try to get a feeling for the different colors and techniques before I start with an even bigger project. If you want to see some more details of my work you can follow me on Instagram ‚by_royadee‘.

I have to admit that I’ve never worked with acrylics before so I really was a newbie. I read a lot on the internet about it and I watched some videos on Youtube. After I found everything I needed I started out of the blue. I tried a special technique which is called ‚Dutch Pour‘ and I also experimented with pouring in general.


My other work was inspired by the sea, the colors of the ocean. I finished this acrylic painting by adding some extra shine with gold leaves.


If you’re interested in getting some art work feel free to contact me. I’m going to show you the results of my other project soon. Stay tuned for more.


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