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All White Outfit During Fall

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Fall season is finally here and today I’m going to show you an elegant but comfy way to wear an all white look in this darker season. If you used to follow my blog for a longer time now you already know that this season is my favorite season. Finally you can wear oversized knit, leather pants, cashmere pieces and wool coats, combine them in every possible way, layer them easily and simply look sophisticated. With good basics you’ll have endless options. The best part is the beginning of this season where you can also wear lighter pieces but in case it gets colder you can easily throw on a coat and you’re ready to go.
Like I want to show you with my ‚All White Outfit‘. It doesn’t look like a typical fall outfit in the first place. To be honest this also could be a possible look for a summer evening but the key of this look is the texture. Knit pants are heavier and also keep you warm, you could also wear a turtleneck on top, everything made out of wool or cashmere for example.

For this outfit I’m wearing a silk blouse (similar HERE) and ribbed knit pants by Mango (similar HERE) which I bought last season. Actually they fit like comfy jogger pants but because of the long leg fit it makes you simply look elegant if you combine Β it with a special textured top. I recommend you silk blouses, I tried to combine it with a shirt but it made the outfit very casual. As I aid before you could also wear knitwear on top or a cream turtleneck. To make the look even more elegant I’m wearing my Louboutin Pigalle Follies 100 heels (similar HERE) which is a double plus because I’m very small and the pants are way too long. We actually don’t want to clean the floor ;) (Say Hi to ’small people problems‘). You can easily add a hat like I did with my beloved wool fedora by Lack of Color (similar HERE). In case it gets colder I like to throw on my camel coat by Zara (similar HERE). This color combo is one of my favorites. I linked you some more similar products in this color combo. I hope you’re enjoying fall season and you’ll find your own beautiful color palette :)

Photos by Juliane Dingel

BLOUSE. Stella Fashion

PANTS. Mango

COAT. Zara

HEELS. Louboutin

HAT. Lack of Color




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