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Chloé Susanna Velvet Boots

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Trend Report: Studded Boots and Velvet

I couldn’t be happier when finally the Susanna Boots by Chloé arrived today! I was craving for them for such a long time and the best is that they are made out of VELVET! So these babes combine two trends in one: They are great fitting studded boots and the velvet texture makes them a perfect fall piece.

Trend 1: The Boots

Fall is right arround the corner, even if some of you won’t like it, but there’s no need to worry because the upcoming season also means that you can start cleaning out your closet. Which literally lifts you emotionaly and it creates space for new things. My favourite kind of autumn pieces, besides wool coats, are boots. Dark boots can be worn to dark pants, a simple blue jeans or sometimes I also like to combine them with a skirt. It’s up to you to look for simple black one’s or if you’re like me for a special pair with studs! The one and only boots of my dreams are the Studded Ankle Boots by Givenchy

But unfortunately they are out of my reach with over 1000€. The Chloé boots are very expensive, either. I definitely know that! But I can’t deal with the fact that I spend over 1000€ on something I walk on :D Maybe it sounds ridicilous in order to my other designer stuff but I can’t help myself. Maybe some day when I spot them on SALE :)

I found a pair that is very similar to the Givenchy’s and I listed you some of my favourite picks for you. Maybe you’ll find your perfect pair of boots

Trend 2: Texture Love – Velvet

Velvet is a my big obsession. Not only interior pieces (I’m craving for a velvet sofa!) but also accessories in fashion! Shoes in velvet or even bags are the best pieces and they look so elegant aswell. Here are some of my favourites. Did I mention that the Saint Laurent bag actually is to die for??? I wanted to achieve one last season but they were a little bit too small. Maybe I’m going for one this season. We’ll see :)

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