What helped me to protect my dry skin

I wish you all a happy Sunday! Sundays are my personal Spa-days. Because my skin tends to be very dry it needs a special protection and an intensive treatment. I was able to test some products by Avène and today I’m going to tell you everything about it.

Our bodys‘ biggest organ – The skin

Every skin is different and needs an individual treatment. We drink water, do sports, eat well and do everything to protect our inner organs and stay healthy. But what we might forget about is our skin. As our biggest organ the skin is more important than some of you may think. I used to laugh about my best friend when she startet collecting anti aging creams at the beginning of 20 but now six years and some lines in my face later I totally understand. She was right. Sensitive skin tends to overreact to various factors that normal skin would not react to. Highly tolerated Avène dermo-cosmetic products provide soothing benefits and portection to the most sensitive skin. That’s why I’ve tested them.

Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water

The Thermal Spring Water is made in the Hydrotherapy Center near the Sainte-Odile spring and is the perfect base treatement for normal and sensitive skin. I would call it the ‚allrounder‘ because It’s for the daily use. For example after removal of hair, for your babys‘ skin, when having a flush, itches, after dermatological treatments, after sports or sun-bathing or even when traveling and you need to refresh your face. The spray cools down your skin and smells neutral like water. To me every woman needs to have this in her bag! It is so refreshing.

Eau Thermale Cold Cream – Intensive hand cream

One of my problem areas are my hands. My skin tends to be very dry because of the strains of everyday life. The  Cold Cream Crème mains concentrée Intensive Hand Cream is my favourite product. I have never had a treatment for my hands like this before. I can tell you that you only need a small amount of cream to massage it into your skin. My hand are very soft after using the cream and besides that it also smells soft. I would always go and pay for this hand care!

Hydrate care for the face

Besidest my hands my face is another area which needs to be treated very special. I’ve tested the Tolérance Extrême Crème forsensitive and hypersensitive skin and the Hydrance Optimale UV Riche Crème hydratante for dry to very sensitive skin.

The Tolérance cream series has a special packaging. The skincare remains sterile and protected throughout use and is absolutely free of all forms of preservatives. Unfortunately this cream wasn’t the perfect fit for me when looking for one to use in the morning. It rests on the face for some time so I wasn’t able to use my make-up. I use it in the evening now because it is a very intensive care.

The oter one was way better for me. The Hydrance Optimale cream is the perfect match for my skin. I use it in the morning and in the evening aswell. It’s very soft and gives the skin a smooth finish. I can highly recommend this product to you when you’re having issues with dry facial skin.

Eau Thermale Tolérance Extrême Mask

Last but not least I tried the hydrate Mask from the Tolérance series. It is a cream and not a mask as you may think. It is a very intensive care. The packaging is the same as the one from the face cream. Its‘ texture is smooth, it doesn’t rest long on the face but it feels like an intensive cream-film a is lasting. That’s why I also use it in the evening only before I go to bed. Then my face can rest through the night and get recovered.

Have a look on the webiste from Avéne to find the perfect matching product for your skin.

P.S.: aI’ve got a little surprise for you. There will be a GIVEAWAY on Instagram, soon! Stay tuned!

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