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Fall Interior Inspiration

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Fall is coming, you’re going to spend more time at your place and besides that I always love to collect inspiration for home interior. I’m getting crazy these days because I think that your home is your base and if you’re looking after what you’re wearing you can at least give the place you spend most of your time at a fabolous look :) [Click on the images to shop]

And this can be so easy with some key pieces. First of all you need to decide weather you’re more into silver, golden or copper metal. At least you can combine two different ones but keep in mind: less is more. I personally love copper and gold and achieved lots of golden details the last days. For example this beautiful gold ant.

A classic design piece and definitely on my wishlist of things I’d like to add to my living room is this Eams rocking chair. Add some sheepskin and voilá! It gives your home a cozy look.

The Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck is also a classic design piece which shouldn’t be missing in a stylish home! I already own one and my goal is to achieve at least three more for my dining table. They add glam and such an high-class look to your room. A timeless classic which comes in lots of different colours.

And last but least: A mirror. The illusion of dimension and generousness with an oversized mirror. You should hang it near to a window so you can maximize the sunlight in your whole room. My personal advice for extra elegance: a mirror with golden details like this one.

I also love those which look like a sun. Check out Westwing for some more interior inspiration. It’s my favourite source for new pieces. I’ll keep you updated with my personal interior trends. The most wonderful time of the year is coming and I’m super excited to pimp up my new home :)


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