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Gingko Ring by Aurélie Bidermann

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Hello January – Hello 2018! I hope you had a great start to the new year and celebrated well. My year couldn’t have started any better: Something very special arrived yesterday. I decided to treat myself with a ring from the collection by Aurélie Bidermann. It is made out of golden pleated gingko leaves. Actually the gingko tree has a very special meaning to me. So this ring is a personal symbol. I was looking for a little treasure by Bidermann for a long time. First I wanted to buy a bracelet with gingko leaves. Unfortunately it is very stiff (actually it is a cuff) and way too large for my small arms. But good for me there were also other jewelry pieces with a gingko like the ring, two necklaces and earring. I don’t wear earrings quite a lot and the necklace was very expensive so I decided to go for the ring. And at least this was the best decision because you’re looking at your hands all the time so I see this beautiful art piece quite a lot. I’m wearing it right next to a ring I got from my granny. It is a half dollar coin with J.F. Kennedy on it.


Now I’m carrying something old and something new with me.

I just wanted to share this beautiful collection with you and of course the designer if you haven’t already heard of her. You definitely should check out the pieces. I’m madly in love with the collection. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

P.S.: Since many of you asked about my JFK ring from my grandma I looked through some antique dealers and found beautiful coin rings on ebay. For example this one HERE


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