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Interior Gifts

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Hello Holiday Season!

November is moving forward and it’s getting colder outside. I actually can’t believe that there are only a few weeks left, this year! So I think it’s legit to say it: CHRISTMAS is coming!

Yes, I still can’t believe it but it’s true! And as I was a little late last year with my gifting orders I try to start earlier this year!

I’m going to show you some beautiful GIFT GUIDEs with everything that inspires me. I also created a X-MAS SHOP which I’ll update every time I see something I like and what I would like to gift to a beloved person.

There are also categories like ‚Gifts under 100€, under 50€, under 20€‘ and so on – I’m going to make sure you’ll definitely find something for everyone. Happy Pre X-Mas Shopping!

Let’s start with INTERIOR GIFTS

Find more INTERIOR Gift ideas in my X-Mas shop HERE


A coffee table book is also a perfect gift for your best friend, your girlfriend or every other sophisticated woman. It’s a basic interior piece!


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