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Jaguar Quetzal by Hermès

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Happiness comes in orange boxes

Today I’m going to show you my favourite new piece. I was so excited when I unpacked the beautiful orange box by Hermès. I was looking for a special silk scarf for two years now and I’m happy to finally show you my first Carré.

I chose the Jaguar Quetzal – First of all it comes in different colors and it was a very hard choice because there’s also one with different brighter colors and another with orange and very similar tones but at least I went for the palette „jaunt d’or/taupe/ébène HERE *

The motif from the Spring/Summer 2018 collection is designed by Alice Shirley. The scarf shows a sleeping jaguar in the middle of a forest wearing a giant plumed headdress. Shirley´s stunning artwork was inspired on the „jaguar warriors“of the pre-Columbian Aztec civilization. The Aztec deity, Quetzalcoatl, who presided over the holy city of Teotihuacán, in what is today Mexico City ,was precisely a plumped jaguar. The big cat featured on this silk tropical paradise dreams of flying like a quetzal bird. Alice Shirley says that he is „dreaming of freedom.“ The magnificent plumed headdress that he wears is inspired by the famous Penacho made of over 400 quetzal feathers and semi-precious stones that is conserved in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna. This work of art is as powerful, regal, colorful and magical as are the culture and art of the Aztecs. It is a majestic and delightful piece to wear.


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  • Klementina

    I loved this post, thank you! I just got the same and l am happy for both of us, it is a gorgeous piece indeed.

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