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Pearl Jewelry By Yana Nesper

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Pearls to treasure forever

The holiday season has passed and I hope you all had beautiful Christmas days with your beloved ones! Today it’s about PEARLS. They are perfect accessoiries not only for this season and upcoming New Years Eve. You can perfectly style them for daily events aswell. I’m going to show you some of my favourite pieces by YANA NESPER. It is a luxury pearl jewelry brand from Germany located in Pforzheim. I’ve already presented you some beautiful designs in the past. You can find the article HERE.

In my latest outfit post I combined a bracelet and a necklace with my biker jacket to create a casual but edgy outfit HERE I’m going to show you some more extraordinary and very beautiful pearl treasures. You can find the whole collection and everything I’m wearing on

Have fun while watching and I wish you all some great last days in 2017!





P.S.: One last important thing: I would also like to tell you something about a great charity project Yana Nesper launched with the PINK RIBBON Deutschland. She created the PINK PEARL against breast cancer. It should symbolize awareness which we owe our bodies! Every 8th woman contracts breast cancer throughout her life. The more awareness we raise, the more we realize to protect and care for our bodies!

10% of the proceeds of one purchased PINK PEARL will go to the non-profit organization. The pearl necklace costs 99,00€ and can be purchased HERE.

The most important thing: The pearl should remind its owner to get checked regulary.


PINK PEARL for more awareness!

PINK PEARL against breast cancer!

It should remind yourself takeing care of your body and do a regular check-up!

My favourite pieces by YANA NESPER

This beautiful Y tie collier is made out of 18 carat yellow gold with diamonds and south sea pearls. You can also wear it as a ‚Y‘ in front or in the back.

I’m also wearing a bangle from the South Sea Dreams collection. It is also made out of 18 carat yellow gold, with diamonds and two huge golden south sea pearls, which are very rare.

You can also wear it with a satin ribbon like I did, as you can see in the next pictures.

Here are my favourite pieces from the Urban Nights collection. I like them a lot because the Tahiti pearls are anthracite which makes them very special. The 750-/ white gold is rhodium-pleated black which gives the whole look an extra finish. I haven’t seen someone wearing dark pearls so far so it is great for people like me, who love to wear something that not everybody else is wearing. I combined the NEW BLACK Tahiti Rings with a simple white tee, dark denim pants and a grey cardigan.

I’m also wearing the Tahiti Pearl Y Necklace made out of 750/- white gold with a anthracite Tahiti pearl. In the next picture you can see how I combined the necklace with a white smoking blazer.

I’m wearing the X-Ring with 39 diamonds and two golden pearls from the South Sea Dreams Collection, the Akoya Y Pearl Necklace with 9 pearls and hanging earings made out of 750/- yellow gold with diamonds. In the right picture underneath I’m wearing creoles with 10 Akoya pearls.

I’m wearing earrings with golden south sea pearls made out of 750/- yellow gold and 30 diamonds.

Last but not least I styled a silk chocker which you actually wear around your neck but I also love to wear it wrapped around my arm. You can easily tie a bow with the silk scarf.


Find out more about YANA NESPER


In lovely cooperation with Yana Nesper – Heinz Nesper GmbH

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  • Petra Dresing

    Hallo Roya, vielen Dank für die wunderbare Präsentation über einen Teil der Schmuckkollektion von Yana Nesper. Das außergewöhnliche Design einzelner Stücke hat mich und meine Freundinnen sehr angesprochen. Ebenso interessant zu erfahren dass das Label , durch den Verkauf der pink Pearl , die Brustkrebsforschung unterstützt.
    Deine Fotos mit der Darstellung der einzelnen Schmuckobjekte ist professionell und Dir super gut gelungen. Großes Lob.

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